Thursday, April 11, 2013

Miley Cyrus Without Cloths Pics Revealed

In a touching story that reeks of a child who grew up in the age of twitpics and custom non-historical American Girl dolls, Miley Cyrus took a series of nude photos for her fiance Liam Hemsworth. Naturally they leaked onto the Internet and now we can all admire Miley Cyrus seductively curled up naked in a fetal position in a bathtub.
An image you won’t be able to get out your mind for quite some time. So my apologies in advance for burning this into your brain.
Life of the Rich and Famous reports that these photos were professionally taken a few years ago as a private gift for her fiance. A private gift that somehow got shared with the fine, upstanding people of the Internet Superhighway.
On a sidenote, I can’t wait for our kids to be all like, “Mom, what does privacy mean?” and we can be all like, “that’s an outdated word like bloomers and slave. You’ll never have a reason to use it in your lifetime and therefore I won’t teach you what it means.”
Here’s the catch for all you perverts googling “Miley Cyrus Naked” and ending up here, she’s already shown us so much sideboob recently (as well as front boob) that this photo actually reveals nothing. Yes, despite being completely naked, this photo is nothing that we haven’t seen before. Total bummer!
While I’ll probaby get over this nude-but-not-nude photo of Miley being a complete letdown, Liam Hemsworth probably shouldn’t. When your fiance’s naked photo’s barely manage to cause a ripple among the Internet’s Finest (a club of which I am president), it might be a bad sign.
Then again, maybe Liam Hemsworth likes the fact that everyone’s seen his wife’s sideboob. Maybe he’s really into public sideboob. That’s a fetish that I’m sure Reddit’s already covered in-depth and I’ll have to go do more research to see if that could be the case.
In the meantime, I give you Hannah Montana in a bathtub!

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